TekKor Panel Infosheet

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TekKor Wall & Ceiling Systems are designed to make your life easier – both during the installation process and for the life of the build-out.

These tough, attractive tongue-&-groove panels are extremely durable, provide a water-tight seal, and offer a lifetime of premium performance. These panels are simple to install and eliminate the need for most accessories. The smooth, monolithic surface of the installed TekKor provides easy cleaning and maintenance and the bright finish contributes to a fresh interior appearance.

Why TekKor stands out

TekKor wall and ceiling panels are engineered for robust strength and durability, specifically crafted to endure the most challenging applications. These panels are not only strong but also lightweight, offering a combination of resilience and ease of handling.

16" tall planks Use only six pieces to cover an 8' tall wall saving time and installation materials.
Entire panel constructed of 100% virgin vinyl Significantly reduces warpage and improves panel strength.
Low profile inner twin wall truss design with a thicker inner wall. Improved rigidity, stability and durability. Strength where you need it most.
Securing system (thick strong flange) Reduced nail fin cracking, ease of installation, and provides complete coverage during expansion and contraction of panels.
Simplified Molding SystemTekkor has a comprehensive list of moldings tailored specifically for these panels.
Not sold in Box Stores Helps reduce unfair competition.

Available with a full line of trims

TekKor Wall & Ceiling Panel comes with a full line of trims to help make your installation effortless and improve the look of finished interior walls and ceilings.



Base Trim


Outside Corner

Inside Cove

Ideal for wall & ceiling applications in a variety of industries

Strong & durable

Strength and durability designed to withstand the toughest applications.

Lightweight with easy installation

TekKor wall & ceiling panels requires less labor than drywall and installs four times faster.

Water & moisture-resistant

TekKor wall and ceiling panels won’t degrade or deteriorate in wet or damp environments.

Bright, healthy spaces

The antimicrobial, mold and mildew resistance, high light reflectivity, and VOC compliant properties all contribute to the ability to create healthy and comfortable spaces for occupants.

Easy to clean

The smooth surface of TekKor products means they clean with a simple wipe. TekKorTM panels can’t be harmed by detergent or chemical cleaners and panels can even handle repeated pressure washing.

Hygienic finish

TekKor PVC panels are manufactured with a non-porous finish that make it tough for bacteria, mold, or viruses to take hold. This means that wall and ceiling panels meet the regulations for use in food processing and commercial agricultural facilities.

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